The Most Consecutive Break & Runs That Have Ever Seen

The Most Consecutive Break & Runs That Have Ever Seen

You always hear about these tremendous feats of long multiple rack runs but truly they are much more difficult to witness than the tales of greatness would lead you to believe. I have even watched some great performances that had a 3 rack run end and the opponent immediately miss followed by a 4 rack run and then have guys tell me that “he ran 7 racks”. I do not include these, as the run was interrupted and not one inning.

I have watched and played a lot of pool and witnessed Steve Mizerak rally from 14-7 behind Jim Rempe going to 15 at the U.S. Open with 7 racks consecutive over the course of an hour…the final rack at 14-14, Miz broke dry and left the 1-Ball in the middle of the table and the cue ball against the back cushion. Rempe truly had not shot for an hour and jacked up, spiked in the tough 1-Ball and ran out to win a tremendous match that I will never forget nor will the audience. Miz had captivated all of us and had tremendous momentum. Rempe produced one of the gutsiest run outs ever again proving his talent and class.

I have seen Danny Medina run 8 racks against Ismael Paez in a tournament in Phoenix and then two tournaments later Paez also ran 8 racks in Los Angeles. I have witnessed Earl Strickland run 7 consecutive several times and know that he once completed 11 racks to land a $1 million bonus in Dallas, but I was not there.

Johnny Archer is a solid veteran pro player and Hall of Fame member that has won many titles over years of time. In the mid 1980’s he was still climbing and already among the top ten players. We were in Toledo, Ohio at a pro tour event and after the tournament day hours, Archer was playing Bustamante a race to 11 for $2000. (big money then) and Busty won the first set.

I then witnessed Johnny Archer Break and Run the entire next set from the opening Break…11 consecutive racks and Busty never hit a ball one time or came to the table, not even to decline a push out? Amazing, interesting, and exciting, to see 11 racks for a large bet against a super tough opponent.

I have watched a lot of top flight players but never saw anything close to that performance. Truly it was historic and awesome 9-Ball on a tough Diamond 9’ table.

They then played a deciding and final set that began with Archer Breaking and running the first 2 games for a total of 13 consecutive Break and Runs, but Busty dug in and toughed out another set win. The only set that Busty lost he did not go to the table for even one inning, what an epic battle.

Back in those days the tables could be purchased by fans and then after completing the tournament went from the hotel ballroom directly to the new owner’s home and such was the case with this table.

A large crowd observed this huge match and afterward the audience milled around still buzzing about Archer’s performance. The owner of the table saw Johnny and asked him if he would please autograph the rail of his table. Johnny politely was happy to do so and inscribed, “Johnny Archer 13 racks”. This was really pretty cool and the new table owner was delighted to have the pool playing artist commemorate his table with that now famous feat.

Later the table owner saw Busty walking around and decided that he would love to have a Fransisco Bustamante autograph on the rail also. Busty obliged and when he saw Johnny’s inscription he wrote, “Fransisco Bustamante winner”.

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