Timing and Rhythm For Precision Striking

Timing and Rhythm For Precision Striking

If you want to learn the attention to detail required for pool excellence here you go. The reveal of high performance pool lies with what you see in the video Above.

1.) Great visual care while standing and then the quiet set up without cue movement.

2.) Aim confirmation without any cueing movement.

3.) The tip stops at the cue ball for a final visual aim/alignment check.

4.) Upon the conclusion of the final pause and visual aim with the cue tip at the cueball the time code reads 15.47 seconds as the backswing begins.

5.) Fluid transition into the fore swing and the time code reads 17.17 seconds at impact with the cue ball.

6.) After impact the cue tip finishes straight and the body is still.

The timing and requisite rhythm for precision striking of the cue ball is encapsulated in the written analysis provided above and in the video. Getting that specific amount of time from initiating the final backswing through the tip impact is such a critical element of excellence. Research has discovered that less experienced and skilled players use between .4-.8 seconds from beginning the final backswing until the cue tip impacts the cue ball, professional players use 1.2-1.8 seconds for the same movement.

Training yourself to accomplish this improved stroke delivery tempo can be accomplished by strictly applying yourself to smoothly verbalizing “Ladies and Gentlemen” as the backswing begins until the tip strikes the cueball.

Pay strict attention to these details and reap the reward.

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