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If you have previously had lessons from a billiards instructor -

If you have already purchased instructional books and videos -

If you have struggled to get beyond your present skill level -

If you consider yourself to be a serious student of billiards -

Then “Play Great Pool, The Definitive Textbook for Teaching Yourself the Sport of Pocket Billiards” is the resource for you. While this book contains a great deal of information for the entry level player, there is even more for advanced players. All levels of players will receive great benefit, especially if they are unafraid of hard work, and open to change.

The book contains:

    • Concise, clear, and detailed instruction
    • Explanations of the “why” for applying proper technique
    • How to build and blueprint your stroke delivery
    • Specifically designed practice exercises to obtain optimal results
    • Create a complete mental and physical shooting system
    • Marksmanship performance checkpoints and evaluations
    • Troubleshooting your stroke delivery to conquer common problems
    • Systematic and structured approach and methods
    • Concepts obtained from the greatest players and instructors
    • Become your own instructor

Written in a way that allows you to chart a course that will insure consistent progress, and enjoy becoming that highly proficient player you have always wanted to be. This book also honors the world class players and instructors that shared their hard earned knowledge of what it really takes to become a great player. The confidence and benefits that you will gain will lead you to a lifetime of enjoyment from the sport that we all love.
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Documents found here are for your use in support of the training exercises listed in the book.

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